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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Video Update!

It's been a crazy year. With big projects, and an amazing number of flight hours, MAF partnered with many missionaries to reach the isolated regions of Madagascar.

In anticipation of our visit to Canada in June this year, we'd like to give you a sneak peek into some of those big projects, and highlight a bit of the work from 2018.

Thank you for being an integral part of this operation

Thursday, December 13, 2018

DITL in Photos

Okay, it's really weird. I woke up this morning thinking, "What a great day to do a Day-In-The-Life photo edition...." strange thing was, shortly into my day, I realized there's definitely still a mouse in the house! (I suspected as much at the beginning of the week.) And why does this seem to be a common occurrence whenever I want to film!? Ack.

Needless to say, I'm glad this is the photo version of our day - you will be spared lots of screaming, frustration, and general unhappiness with the fact that the mouse hid itself very well all day long!!

Before beginning our photos of the day, I boiled some eggs, prepared sourdough and got it rising, and also threw together some french loaves for lunch later on..... these rose while we started morning readings together.

Our morning began with our advent reading from Unwrapping the Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp

Next, we began our newest read aloud, Gone Away Lake by Elizabeth Enright. The other book we have by this author is Thimble Summer which both girls really enjoyed. This one is about a brother and sister who travel to an aunt and uncle's house by themselves, also during summer.

 After our readings, the kids were eager to have a bounce outside. Great for getting wiggles out before starting more serious school work.
While the kids were outside I came in to check on the risen french bread and turn the oven on to preheat.

A strange smell seemed to fill my kitchen almost immediately after lighting the oven.... I checked outside to see if the smell was coming from there - with so many people cooking on outdoor stoves, it would be normal to smell something there! 

But not this morning. As the smell became stronger and more pungent, the search was on. I looked inside the oven, to make sure nothing furry had somehow crawled in there and was being burnt alive. (I have previously found geckos in my oven.)

I dared to slide the bottom oven drawer out - when a dark brown furry thing scurried out and under the oven even further! And yes, there was plenty of evidence there that it had made my kitchen its home for quite some time.

Hunter came at once upon hearing my screams. Tongue hanging out, drool dribbling down, ready to search the place and to protect me.  :)

Not only did my faithful dog come to my rescue, but my gardener rushed to our door after hearing all of the children run out to the yard screaming.

 After an extensive chase - yet unsuccessful, I set a trap of sticky paper behind the freezer, where even more mouse evidence greeted us.

All we had to do now, was wait....

As I was trying to put some of the glass bottles back onto the freezer where we normally keep them, I bumped the one with cane syrup off the top of the freezer, and with a huge crash, shatter, and splat, it was littered all over my carefully placed mouse trap.... along with shards of glass, and a sticky mess of cane syrup.  :(

Out of sheer frustration, and still being quite terrified that the little furry rodent could pop out at me at any moment, I decided to leave the mess for a while.

We returned to school work, and also made lunch. By this time, frozen chocolate bananas were in order. I just felt like I deserved them somehow.  :)

Many math books ready to be marked.

Yum - chocolate covered bananas, right out of the freezer. They just hit the spot.

Sprinkler on the trampoline. I'm sure this felt so good on such a hot muggy day!

 I love these lobster claw blooms. And they last such a long time too!
I went upstairs around 3:30 and realized that after all the excitement of the day - with the mouse chase, and the chocolate covered bananas, and the school work, and food prep, my bed hadn't even been made!

Much better.

Almost dinner time, and these sourdough loaves were now ready to be baked.

Dinner time, and I figured it was time I put a new sticky paper mouse trap down, and clean up the mess behind the freezer with the shattered glass bottle and cane syrup.  :(

Gooey Stickiness.....

"Woman's" best friend, lying in wait for the catch.

Once we were finished with dinner, we were able to get the mouse out from under the fridge, and after running back and forth from the kitchen to the dining room, he was squeeking away on the sticky paper... ewwwwww.

I hope a mouse or other wildlife doesn't appear in my next DITL.

Until next time... :)

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Day In the Life of Our Homeschool

A little peak into what a day in our homeschool life looks like with grades 7, 5, 4, and 3.