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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Relaxing Sunday Afternoon

With the temperatures warming up, and the cool breeze dying down, we are returning to our favorite spot---our deck surrounded by lots of lush greenery and flowers! We can smell the jasmine blooming across our back security wall as we lounge on the deck.

We do not take these moments of quiet for granted. The day to day of our lives in Madagascar presents itself with many surprises, inconveniences, even disappointments. Simple things that sound trivial, like water cuts, power-outages, the grocery store being out of any number of products, bank line-ups, traffic where I don't get out of first gear... these things mount up with others that become one big blaring annoyance.

Rob and I sometimes hear ourselves wishing for big box stores like Costco, Home Depot, and even Superstore and Walmart. Or at least 2-day shipping from Amazon. To drive down the road and see nicely manicured city space.... to drive down any road with lines and traffic that actually "goes".  :)

ok....  so we capture photos like this and focus on the wonderful slow-paced moments life does give us from time to time.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Constructing for MAF at Home with Beloved Tools

This past week Rob has been working on a wooden crate to pack up the propellor to send away for overhaul. This meant pulling out his saw and using his nail gun. Reminiscent noises and smells of years past when we were renovating our home in Canada.

Each piece delicately packaged in foam

Logo and shipping instructions painted on

Disassembling this propeller is more than unscrewing bolts and sticking it in the wooden crate. Because of the training Rob received in Germany back in 2012, he is legally allowed to take the prop apart and ship it in pieces via this smaller rectangular box. The alternative option would be to take the propeller off of the aircraft and ship it in a giant triangular box, increasing the shipping cost significantly. The training has more than paid for itself with the savings MAF has seen in being able to ship it in pieces like this. It will be on its way to MT Propellers in Germany shortly now!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Lac Mantasoa

This past weekend we had the chance to get out of Tana for the weekend and stay at this lovely place in Mantasoa.

This cottage situated by the lake was a beautiful, relaxing, and spacious place to spend a couple of nights enjoying the quiet of the countryside.

We found this playground (used to belong to our friends in Tana who moved away last year). It is now part of what will be a primary school being built on the lakefront property.

Being winter at this time of year, we were very thankful for this little woodstove that pumped out the heat and kept the cottage nice and snug for our entire stay.
Beautiful unique countryside.

It was such a relaxing stay that we are already thinking about and planning the next time.