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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Snapshot of Renos

The life of renos continues. But we have temporarily moved out of our house now so that Rob can finish up some pretty major indoor things: fixing our stars, relocating the front door to where the fireplace is, fixing the hole in the ceiling in the living room, dry-walling the new bedrooms upstairs, and putting carpet in upstairs as well.
After a couple of hours of shifting furniture, rolling up carpet, and packing clothes we were out of there! Rob's mom is so gracious in allowing us to move in with her. We appreciate her so much. 
It is very exciting for me to think that when we move back in we will probably be moving into our new master bedroom with a bathroom! The kids will be moved into their new rooms, we will have a playroom, a coat closet, and a new place for a computer. Seeing this project come to its end also means that we will be spending more time focused on MAF!