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Saturday, July 31, 2010

More "Before" and "After"

Our Living Room Before and After

We removed the gas fireplace and moved the front door. This has made our living room so much more functional!
Probably the biggest improvement, is the stairwell!! I can't believe none of our children have been seriously hurt on this set of stairs in the past 4 years.
More of the stairs! We feel rather silly saying this, but most every time we walk up or down them, it seems to come out of our mouths! "Man, I love these stairs."
"Before" The playroom, looking past the stairwell, into the office, and through to the master bedroom.
After, nicely painted, you can see the skylight on the left, and the post for the banister on the stairwell on the right. The playcenter isn't staying there, it is just serving as a barrier for now so no children fall down the balcony!
"Before" Looking from the stairwell toward the playroom and through to the kids' rooms.
"After" You can see the other skylight on the right and the little hallway leading to the kids rooms. Cedar paneling will cover the half walls there on either side and we'll have access to those spaces for storage.
"Before" Looking downstairs. Eeeeek!
"After" Beautiful clean, carpeted. The electrical panel will get covered, and railings and a banister is coming as well.
These are pictures of our master bedroom.
Hallway to walk in closet and ensuite which are not finished.
This is the office. Previously Faith's old room.
We love our stairs  :)


Miss-buggy July 31, 2010 at 1:41 PM  

looks good!!!
Is that Faith? Is that your oldests name? I always suck at names. She really looks like you. Great work done and what a long road you guys have been on. Beautiful

Amanda July 31, 2010 at 3:55 PM  

That's amazing. Thanks for posting those photos. The house looks incredible and it reminds me of all the hard work you two have put into the house, What a lot of patience too!