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Monday, November 22, 2010

It's """""Cold""""" and Flu Season

The temperature over the last few days has averaged -5(C), and it has been blowing like crazy out there! Over the weekend we thought we would lose our power it was so windy out. Snow has fallen on the hills in our town, but we haven't seen much of it as we live on the flats or flood-plain. It's just plain COLD!

With this cold weather, we have also welcomed flu season. Not happily, but inevitably. The kids have been battling awful coughs and runny noses. As each one takes their turn being up during multiple times during the night, our energy level is waning. On the brighter side, it is just coughing and snot we are dealing with, rather than puke buckets and running children to the bathroom.

Rob continues to fit in the projects around the house, and we are still happy with the heat!