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Monday, January 24, 2011


I have a challenge to all our readers out there. I found a video the other day that really moved me and I would like to share it with all of you, but first the challenge.

Go around your house and count the number of different translations you have of the Bible. For most of us this number will probably be around 5-10 different translations. Seeing this video has again reminded me of the blessings that we so often take for granted living in this country. To see the joy, and excitement the Kimyal people have when they receive their first translation is a reminder of how precious God's Word is!

This is just one of the reasons MAF exists. You will notice that it is an MAF plane that brings the Bibles into the Kimyal people, but more than that it has been an MAF plane that has supported the work of the translators for years so that the Bible was able to be translated into their language. I have been asked in the past if we will be doing any "real" missionary work once we reach Madagascar?

The answer is YES! By using the skills that God has given me I will be one “gear” in the gear train. I will be supporting hundreds of missionaries from many different organizations through the service that MAF provides. But just as I will be only one “gear” and the translators another “gear” don’t think that the gear train is finished.

You too can be "gears"!! We would not be able to go and provide the service that MAF provides without partners (gears) back here at home being real missionaries and financially supporting us through MAF. We are all part of God's team.

So if after watching this video you too are moved by the joy of the Kimyal people in receiving their first Bible translation. I would ask that you go before our Lord and pray about whether He wants you to be a "gear" in our team.


Kimyal New Testament launch in Indonesia from United Bible Societies on Vimeo.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happenings - Short Stay in Our Home

We have been home from the island for a week now. It has been a very event-filled month! Not with events we had first planned on however... Our plans of visiting people on the island and a speaking engagement had to be canceled because of illness and/or being snowed in. It just wasn't in the Lord's plans for us to make those plans this time I suppose.

We are home for a short stay until we take off again for a few weeks. After dropping our children off at my family's house, Rob and I will fly out to England to the MAF UK base for training. When we return 2 weeks later, we will stay on the island and try to see those individuals we weren't able to see over the Christmas and New Year holiday, and we will likely be able to reschedule that speaking engagement that was canceled.

As we prepare for our time away again, we are writing our February newsletter to send out and also preparing our To-Do's for when we return.

If the Lord lays our family on your heart this week, please especially pray for health as we seem to be under significant attack right now. After ALL of us succumbing to a stomach flu a couple of weeks ago, two of our children have been down with something again this week. We are praying for good health as we prepare to leave them with Grandparents and for us as we travel. Interestingly, I have been in the book of James this week and the Lord has so faithfully reminded me to count every trial as joy. I would definitely count our ill-health as a trial right now and it has been difficult to not become discouraged. But I know that God is faithful.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

We are still enjoying our busy time on the island. This weekend we will head up to Quadra Island Bible Church where we are looking forward to presenting our ministry with Mission Aviation Fellowship.

As we look ahead in 2011, the busyness of life is not going to slow down! Some of the things we are planning for:
February - Karina & Rob are off to the MAF office in Ashford, England for a 2 week training session.
May - The baby will arrive
July - Begin our journey East to Quebec City
August - French Language Training begins

As the Lord leads you, please keep us in your prayers as we make plans. We know that our plans ultimately rest in His timing and many things God will put together for us.