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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Steep Learning Curve

Language school has officially started last Monday, and to say that we are now completely overwhelmed might be an understatement! Questions and statements like, "How are we ever going to learn what we need to know in 6 months?" "What did we sign up for?" "This is so weird!" "This doesn't make sense," are being verbalized between us a lot lately.
Our daily schedule basically runs like this:
8:00am Karina leaves with Calvin to French Class
10:15am Karina returns and Rob leaves for French Class (Karina attempts to school Faith and occupy the others)
12:30pm Rob returns, children are eating lunch (hopefully)
1:00pm Joyanne, Wesley are napping, Faith is having Q.T., Calvin is having lunch.
2:00pm Karina and Faith continue Kindergarten
3:30pm Joyanne and Wesley usually emerge from naptime
3:30-4:30pm French homework comes out, Calvin also wants to eat
5:00pm Start making dinner
5:30/6:00pm Eat Dinner
Bathtime/TV Time
7:00pm Quiet Reading time
7:30pm Kids bedtime
8:00pm French homework comes out again
10:30/11:00pm Bedtime for us

Before we moved here, I was wondering what it felt like to be illiterate... as I don't really remember what I felt like before I knew how to read. What was that environment like? Well, I know too well now. God is taking us down a very humbling path and we are finding ourselves frustrated at times. Very frustrated. This time of learning a new language is turning into a lot more than simply learning French. Perhaps learning French is the easy part of this six months? I'm not sure.


Lorelei August 7, 2011 at 11:23 PM  

Ha! I love the "Karina ATTEMPTS to school Faith and occupy the others" :) I'm still smiling. Praying for you guys and trusting that God will give you everything you need (including extra language brain cells!) to do HIS work in Madagascar. xo

Melissa-Ann August 17, 2011 at 4:48 PM  

ya,, thats a tough one! I would be wanting to cry a lot. lol

writewhatyousee August 19, 2011 at 1:05 AM  

"how are we ever going to learn what we need to in 6 months?" if it's any consolation, due to my due date, we learned what we needed to in 2.5 months - and that was with my pregnancy brain not able to absorb much at all. haha. just keep plugging along at it. eventually something will have to stick, i reckon. and you'll be ever so happy for what you've learned when you get here! I am quite impressed, however, that you can study as much as you do with all your kids and the distractions they bring. We didnt have any such distractions and found it difficult to focus for very long periods at a time! You might also consider it a relief to know that there are many opportunities to further your language learning once you're here and have more of a motivation to know your vocabulary, and help to watch your kids and clean your house while you do it. And, as to the french being the easy part of these 6 months: you may just be right. It's a good first step in learning to leave things that dont make sense alone and not let them keep you up at night :-) Oh the joys of stepping out of one's comfort zone. :-) Praying for you guys! Grace, patience, wisdom and more patience! jocelyn from mada.