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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Brief Update, After a Brief Absence

Just a short update: Rob is safely in Paris this week for the SMA Course, and then to Germany this weekend for a propeller course, and then to England next week for a week of training at MAF UK Headquarters. They call it "Role Induction Training". There he will learn what he's really gotten himself into as Chief Engineer, I suppose. *Wink*.  No, they want to help him learn the financial systems and record keeping systems, and also help him learn more of what his responsibility here in Madagascar entails.

The kids and I remain here in Madagascar. It has been beautiful and sunny so far during his absence! That always helps make the childcare easier. The kids love being outside. Faith and I are plugging along with Kindergarten, and this week I am preparing a bit of a portfolio to send to her Kindergarten teacher in Canada. It's actually pretty exciting to look over this last school term and see everything that we've covered together.

I have started hosting a Ladies Bible study in my home on Thursday afternoons. We are going through a Nancy Leigh DeMoss study called Seeking Him.

The internet, since Cyclone Giovanna, still is not what it used to be when we first arrived. Even last night as Rob and I tried to Skype together, it was almost impossible to just get audio to come through properly. My guess is, the already poor internet infrastructure, is still being worked on (I hope, anyways).