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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


We trust that those of you receiving our quarterly newsletter have probably read it by now. If you don't receive it, and would like to, please contact us by e-mail, with your mailing address or email address.

Some May Happenings to get you caught up.

 First of all, to those that may not follow us on Facebook, Rob was in a motorcycle accident at the beginning of the month. We are so thankful for God's merciful protection! Because we realize it could have been so much worse. He was promptly taken to the hospital about 15 minutes from our house and had x-rays, ultrasound, and a general look-over. No broken bones, no fractures, no concussion. He has been fairly sore this month, but doing well nonetheless. Once again, we are so thankful for God's protection, and for other missionaries here who have connections with good doctors and other resources.

His bike is fine. Just a missing rear-view mirror and a broken tail-light. For now, it is parked at the MAF Hangar, but Rob will likely begin driving it again soon. It seems to us there was no way he could have been more careful that afternoon, driving back to work after lunch. While coming up the hill toward the airport, an oncoming truck turned left right in front of him and he just couldn't stop in time.

The hospital visit was short. I joined Rob shortly after he was taken there, and we stayed in the hospital for observation until it seemed ok to go home and commence "proper" rest in our own bed. Unlike most of the hospital rooms, he rested and waited in his own private room with bedding. The room had its own bathroom (with toilet paper), and even a tv! Undoubtedly this room is reserved for foreigners with money.

We are very thankful how the people around us helped out whichever way they could. Our children were especially excited to have us home before they went to sleep that night.
Showing off his wounds

The weather is cooling down here. May and June is the season for the poinsettia bushes to bloom. We have them all over our property and it is lovely! We have had fires going in our fireplace during some evenings. It feels cozy here, and kind of nice to have a change in the season. Our bodies were definitely getting ready for a weather change! Our first 4 months here is probably the longest "summer" our BC bred bodies have ever known. :)

Calvin celebrated his first birthday on May 16th. He isn't quite walking yet, but getting more steady and confident on his feet as he tries standing up without support. We are eagerly waiting for him to take those first steps.

Faith and I are finishing up Kindergarten. It has been an exciting year, full of new things to read together and discover. It's difficult to believe we have now been in Madagascar as long as we were in Quebec City! Time flies.

Over the past several months your emails and thoughts of encouragement have meant so much to us. To know that we have such a prayer team at home is essential to this ministry here, and we are confident that we're being lifted up in prayer.

Thank you!