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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Horse and a Girl

Nearby our house there is an equestrian center and golf course. Faith, in love with horses, was ecstatic at the idea of actually having the opportunity to ride one. After visiting the place and having horse-rides it will probably be impossible not to return. The wide open countryside was relaxing, the kids loved running around the golf course (much to the workers' concern of them being hit by a ball, even though nobody was actually playing golf) and then the horses, of course.

Concern / Item for Prayer

We would also like to inform you that Rob's colleague mechanic has been off work for a couple of weeks, and will likely remain off for at least a month. Michel has had chest pain for a while and after having some tests, it has been confirmed that his triglyceride level is extremely high, therefore at an increased risk for heart attack. He was promptly put on a strict vegetable-only diet and ordered off work to rest. He is in his mid-50's and has a large family/extended-family under his roof to take care of. He is a do-er and staying put doing essentially nothing is a trial in itself for him. Please keep Michel in your prayers. He is a long long time MAF national employee in Madagascar.