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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Flight to Ambatondrazaka

I had the privilege to fly recently one afternoon to pick up a team of eye doctors who had spent a week in a village just northeast of Tana. This opportunity caused me to feel that much more excited about being here and a part of what MAF is providing for organizations within Madagascar. This team would have had to spend 9 treacherous hours in vehicles had they decided to travel to this village themselves. Instead, MAF flew them to Ambatondrazaka in a mere 35 minutes. Safe and sound. For these doctors, the many hours spent traveling was instead spent seeing patients and building relationships with the locals there!

This is the international airport in Antananarivo where MAF's Hangar is located. For those of you who plan to come and visit us----Welcome! This is what you will be greeted by initially. However, your arrival would likely be after dark, so a bit difficult to enjoy this scene when you first arrive. There was quite a bit of cloud cover the afternoon of the flight.

I love this picture because of the bright green banana trees that look like small clumps of grass from the sky above. If you look closely, you can also see somebody's laundry lying out in the field drying.

This is a typical scene of Madagascar-style homes. They are built of brick, red red bricks, hence Madagascar's nickname, the red island. Their roofs are made of thatch.

The airport terminal at Ambatondrazaka. Not much more is needed, I would guess. Located beside this small building, there was another with a large "W.C." sign above. 

This is the runway as we were readying for take off. Just a grassy landing strip.

This is a picture I took as we left the village. A very large church / monestary / school (not sure what exactly) stuck out to me. You can see the landscape of rice fields around. One section nearby the village was just rice fields as far as we could see!

Back at the hangar, our passengers relaxed and enjoyed coffee while they waited for MAF to arrange transportation to their hotel. After a mere 35 minute flight back to the capital city (versus a tiresome 9 hour drive) these doctors are ready to move on to the next mission the very next day.