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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Two Girls

Our daughters are so sweet; they look similar, but boy do we recognize some differences already!

Joyanne loves babies. If given the choice between buying a Barbie or new baby, there's no question, she wants the new baby of course! We bought her this little babydoll stroller in Quebec, managed to bring it to Madagascar, and we still can't believe it's not broken! She takes her babies for walks every day out there. Although Faith also loves "babies," it could be any stuffed animal! I've seen her wrap any number of toy puppies and teddy bears and monkeys in blankets and snuggle with them at nighttime. And Faith is definitely eyeing the BarbieDolls (or cheap knock-offs rather) in Shoprite these days.

Joyanne takes after her mother more when it comes to the creepy-crawlies in Madagascar. If she spots fluff or a little stick on the floor of the bathroom, even, she starts screaming and won't go in there, thinking it might be a bug! (Joyanne does, that is. Karina is a tiny bit braver than that. A tiny bit.) Faith collects these things! She even has the gardeners in our compound collecting grasshoppers and crickets for her. If she finds a "coccinelle" (French for Ladybug) it is immediately named her newest 'pet'. In fact, there might be a surviving ladybug upstairs in a container near the kids' toothbrushes in the bathroom still! Today, our helper caught a large grasshopper (pictured above) for her, and Faith was thrilled to keep it with her all day long. After quiet time this afternoon, we discovered Faith had even snuggled with it in our bed while she was reading! Ah! Even worse, mommy says, "Ew I don't like those. They jump on me and tickle!" And Faith says very matter-of-factly, "It's okay Mommy, Lalao (our helper) took the jumping legs off."

I can't remember who the teacher was, but there was one time in Mission a couple of years ago when we went to church on Sunday and were told after the service that Faith had brought something to show her Sunday School teacher. We were all surprised to discover she had actually smuggled a little salamander or something from our yard all the way to the church. She had hidden it with her in the van, kept it concealed during the singing time, and then managed to share it with everyone in her class. We laughed, in surprise, and the teacher kind of shrugged and, smiling, said something like "Oh well, she's preparing for Africa!"

We love our girls :)