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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Around Town

 Thought we would share some photos taken around town. The visit with Oma has been so nice, and as we take her for drives, we are seeing some things with "new eyes" once again.

This is a picture of the famous baobab trees in Madagascar. Mostly they are in the south of the island, but this small one appears in the Tana City Zoo. As we are nearing the end of the dry season, you can tell things are looking browner and not as lush.

This lady is sitting along the side of the road with her little boy selling some goods. You can see the sugar cane on the left side there as well.

 These are the stacks of bricks the people have made after the last rice harvest. The mud comes from their rice patties, and now it is planting time again.

Hair-cut anybody? "Coiffeur" is hair-stylist in french. You see these little beauty parlors everywhere around the city.

 Traffic ....... ............. this boy is selling a local malagasy snack, which when translated to English is called "Dead Man's Leg."

 A local property in the middle of Tana surrounded by rice fields.

Local housing in the city . .  these are all along main roads we frequently drive on.

 Wash day.
 Another local property, with the rice fields behind.
 This man is selling sugar cane along the side of the road.

Hot, hard job.... making piles of gravel. This lady was working right at a major round-about along the side of the "highway" here.

Until next time :)