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Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Kids, An Update

Joyanne will be 3 years old in November. She is enjoying childhood so much here, and tries to get involved with Faith's school-work as much as she can. She is a blossoming "lefty," and I anticipate it being difficult to hold her back from starting school a little early! She truly is a Joy to us, and greets us each morning with such a sweet little smile that, without words, says "Good Morning Mommy."

Wesley turned 4 in August. He is a bundle of energy! Much of his time is spent building Lego spaceships, riding his 2-wheeler bike around the driveway of our compound, and generally being loud and boyish. He loves to play rough with Daddy in the evenings, and he is also fascinated with any insects he may find around the yard. As much as he loves being outside and running around, he will stop and listen to a good book (with lots of pictures) and frequently asks for cuddles.

Faith is 6, started Grade 1, and is losing teeth one after another! She also loves to ride bikes with her brother, and run around the yard with the other kids. Anything social pleases her. Her day is "made" when a friend is coming over, even if it's just adults for Mom and Dad to visit with. Faith is a singer! We often hear her humming or singing favorite songs to herself.

Calvin is 1 and almost running around now. His favorite place is outside, and he loves playing with the dishes he can reach in the kitchen and is generally exploring everything within his reach, or climbable reach!