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Friday, November 16, 2012

Is There A Doctor In the House?

So we are feeling very thankful today! Rob and I went to bed on Wednesday evening, feeling completely fine  and fell asleep until 1:00 am when I awoke to Rob complaining of back pain on his lower right side. This quickly escalated into episodes of severe vomiting and him writhing in pain like I had never witnessed before.  An hour into this excitement he was begging me to phone a doctor. It was 2:00 am now and, not having any medical numbers on hand, I had to call my neighbor. At this point I was definitely hoping it was nothing too serious, yet hoping it was actually something worthy of waking our friends and calling in medical professionals! We got the number for a local medical assistance line and within an hour a doctor was in our bedroom giving Rob intravenous pain medication. The children slept soundly.... once the doctor had examined him and heard Rob's symptoms he determined it was likely a kidney stone. Once the pain had settled a bit, he took Rob to town to have an ultrasound at 4:00 am. I tried to get a couple more hours of rest, knowing the children would be up and ready to go in 2 short hours. At 6:00 Rob returned with the doctor. And he wanted to take him back to the imaging clinic at noon for a second ultrasound, just to confirm the kidneys looked normal and everything was clear. He took a blood sample and let Rob drink tons of water and a special tea all morning. A couple of hours later, Rob was back to normal and we were able to continue on with our busy day!

We are just so thankful for his restored health, and also for the knowledge that medical help is available if we require it. Our mothers can rest knowing this too, now. :)

Please continue to pray for health and safety, as much of it is out of our control. So often we take our good health for granted, and this week we were reminded that everything continues to be in God's hands!


Sharon November 16, 2012 at 2:57 PM  

You bet the mothers will rest more easily - I know I would. Blessings on you and your family as you serve over there. It is always exciting to read your blogs and to see home, work, and the planes - Doug would say, especially the planes.