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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Medevac out of Madagascar

This week MAF had the privilege of being a part of a huge journey for a local Malagasy family in a remote village. Their 2 year old daughter has a large tumor on her nose that is filled with brain tissue. Under "normal" circumstances, with access to "normal" medical healthcare as we know it in North America or other developed nations, this tumor could be removed by highly specialized pediatric brain surgeons at a very young age. She is suffering from malnutrition, but further development is impossible while carrying the large tumor on her head. Because of the location of the tumor, she cannot sit, as it crushes her air passageway.

After seeking a team of doctors in Kenya, this baby has been airlifted from her village and then on to Kenya. She was granted a Malagasy passport to travel within an hour, no small miracle in itself!

You can read more of her story and the missionaries involved with her family here.

God orchestrates the timing of these events. We are also thankful because while MAF was preparing for this Medevac, the Hangar and airplanes have been undergoing a serious audit by the local aviation authority. Rob had the opportunity to share with the authorities the fact, once again, that MAF is serving here to save lives.