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Sunday, April 28, 2013

And Now She's 7

Our oldest, Faith, turned seven this month. She was so excited to have her birthday, and kept reminding everyone very exuberantly that she was seven now.

Faith reads, reads, and reads some more, so we felt it was fitting to purchase her a "real" Bible (the full version) so she could start practicing looking up verses and reading passages along with me during Bible time in the morning with the other children. She was thrilled and carried her new Bible around with her most of her birthday. More importantly, it has become a regular part of her daily reading also. :)

Rob finished the deck shelter the day before we had a little BBQ with friends. And it has been so nice to sit out there, enjoying the warmth of the sun without getting burnt or overheated. There's something cozy about our new outdoor space that I'm really loving! Also this additional space is already being used, lots, for hosting friends and other children.

Friday, April 5, 2013

New Found Friend

At the beginning of the week, Rob picked up this little guy in the parking lot at MAF. He couldn't leave him to possibly get run over, so home together they came. The kids have been thrilled to catch grasshoppers and crickets (of which we have an over-abundance right now!) for it and watch the chameleon with its long sticky tongue grasp and swallow them.

As we handle him (carefully) each day he is also becoming more and more tame, naturally climbing onto Rob's fingers and walking around without changing black (which is the color chameleons change when they are disturbed or upset or anxious).

Note all of his colors! From what I can find out online, I think he is known as a Jeweled Chameleon.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter 2013

We had a little Easter Fete in our compound last Saturday, and it was so nice to enjoy the company of others while celebrating a special holiday.

For me (Karina), it is still kind of strange to be away from extended family during holiday times. In Canada both my mother and mother-in-law and all of my grandparents were around to plan/host/cook for and help us remember these celebrations. There are certain freedoms when you are celebrating alone, however I still miss the large family gatherings that we shared. Despite, missing home, being alone helps us grow closer as a family and form traditions.

Friends even brought baby bunnies to the compound, to add to the festivities. Calvin loved petting them. If it wasn't for the inevitable increased invasion of rats on our property, I would be half-tempted to keep some bunnies.
The dads had fun hiding 190 easter eggs all over the compound!

They hid them everywhere, behind bushes, around the playhouse, in the tire-swing, even in the banana trees. Yes, this is a "Tropical" Easter egg hunt. The kids were thrilled.

Calvin surprised me at being very "into" the egg hunt. Rob followed him around with a basket as he discovered eggs hidden around the yard. He also succumbed to the temptation of taking a little snack break mid-hunt.

We are so thankful for this unique community all across the globe in Madagascar. Despite our different cultural backgrounds, differing home-countries, even different interests, one thing remains the same---we are all here serving in Madagascar for the furthering of Christ's Kingdom.

Our Easter dinner table in the middle of our compound. The children's table behind.

We are looking forward to a visit back to Canada in June through September. Even now, we are making lists, preparations, schedules for our time "home." It is our hope that we will be able to make as many contacts as possible during our stay. We are also inviting you to make contact with us via email or facebook if you would like to host a coffee evening in your home during the summer with a small group of people you arrange, or also if you would like to visit with our family alone. Seeking to make contact with over 150 individuals is somewhat overwhelming to us, so we would really love your help in this area.

Blessings to you in this Easter Season!!