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Sunday, April 28, 2013

And Now She's 7

Our oldest, Faith, turned seven this month. She was so excited to have her birthday, and kept reminding everyone very exuberantly that she was seven now.

Faith reads, reads, and reads some more, so we felt it was fitting to purchase her a "real" Bible (the full version) so she could start practicing looking up verses and reading passages along with me during Bible time in the morning with the other children. She was thrilled and carried her new Bible around with her most of her birthday. More importantly, it has become a regular part of her daily reading also. :)

Rob finished the deck shelter the day before we had a little BBQ with friends. And it has been so nice to sit out there, enjoying the warmth of the sun without getting burnt or overheated. There's something cozy about our new outdoor space that I'm really loving! Also this additional space is already being used, lots, for hosting friends and other children.