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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Quick Update

We are 5 days away from our departure to Canada.

Things are relatively calm around here. As far as packing goes, much can't be done until a day or so before we leave, so in a sense, we are just enjoying our last couple of days left here before a few months in Canada.

We have arranged for somebody to live in our house for the majority of the time we are away. Our neighbor MAF family is also away in Canada for a couple of months, so our little neighborhood will be super quiet, much to the national staff's disappointment I think. A certain quietness from the staff began shortly after our neighbor's departure, and I know that my helper isn't terribly looking forward to our house being so lonely while we're gone. I think she's going to miss our kids a lot! So in an effort to keep her a little less bored, we have a young fellow staying at our place. Besides keeping the staff paid, he will watch over both of our houses during our time away.

We have much to share upon our arrival in Canada! We are looking forward to trying to catch up with many, and dialogue a bit with you about life in Madagascar, and also seeing and hearing about how you all have changed and grown over the past 2 years. Families have expanded, marriages have happened! It's exciting.

    See you Soon!