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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Speaking Update & Fun in the Big City

Please note that we are not speaking at Surrey Alliance, rather it's called Surrey Christian Alliance.

Yesterday we went into the city to pick up passports that we renewed a couple of weeks ago, and we made a day of it. We saw some of Rob's relatives, we toured Granville Island and the Toy Co., took the kids on the skytrain, aquabus, and a city bus. It was a fun day! Beautiful weather too. :)

Monday, August 12, 2013

As the Canadian Summer Begins to Fade...

We are six weeks away from heading back to Madagascar. The Canadian summer has been a fantastic time of connecting with people, spending quality time with people, and sharing about the ministry.

This past Saturday, we returned from a week at Sunnybrae Bible Camp in Salmon Arm. It was a great family time, as we attended with the extended Barber family. The cousins connected in a special way, and we were fed and challenged spiritually during the teaching sessions.

When we arrived back in Mission for a quick drop-off and pick-up of stuff before heading to the ferry and Vancouver Island, we noticed the crunchy orange leaves already sprinkled around the lawn and driveway. The seasons are changing here, and it's kind of nice to be a part of it. Even though there are seasons in Madagascar, they are certainly not as noticeable. Being in Canada has reminded us of what we miss here, but we are also missing home in Madagascar. Our hearts are feeling torn between the two places. I wish we could be in both places at once. But we have peace knowing God has us in Madagascar in this season.

Our days continue to be filled with visiting, shopping, arranging! We will try and have a few more Open Houses, on the Island and in Mission. This is a great way for us to connect with some of you, please come to one if you can. We will post those dates as they are arranged. Meanwhile, here is a peek at our formal sharing schedule:

Upcoming Sharing Times:
Aug. 15, Thu @ 2:00pm  Wakasiah Gospel Chapel (Island)
Aug. 18, Sun @ 10:00am Nanoose Evangelical Free Church (Island)
Aug. 25, Sun @ 10:30am Mission Evangelical Free Church (Mainland)
Sep. 1, Sun @ 10:30am Departure Bay Baptist Church (Island)
Sep. 8, Sun @ 7:00pm Departure Bay C&C Group (Island)
Sep. 15, Sun @ 9:30am Surrey Christian Alliance Church (Mainland)
Sep. 28, Sat Departure back to Madagascar

In between these dates, we are filling our time with individual visits, and shopping trips.
As you pray for us, please that our remaining weeks in Canada would be spent wisely, and we would really sense God leading us. As time nears for us to return to Madagascar, it's easy to feel panicked about needing to rush around and do last-minute things. Please pray that we would have peace in all things, and that we would be able to enjoy our moments here.