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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Back in Mada and Snippets of the Long Journey

We made it! After a very long journey, we made it back to Madagascar. It's still hard for me to believe that my very young family has done this plane ride 3 times! One lady in the airport remarked how little all of our children were and couldn't believe how much they had flown already in their lives. It's funny because Faith met a little boy at a park, while in Canada, and they were chatting about whereabouts they lived. And when the boy mentioned to Faith that he'd never been on a plane before, Faith looked at him as though he were from outer space! Little does she realize that flying/travel, the way our family does it, isn't normal for most children her age.

Once the long travels were over, and we stepped foot into our home, I was happily surprised to feel at home again. I was preparing myself (Karina) for a somewhat foreign feeling, or "Really? This is our home?" Perhaps I was just happy to have those 32 hours behind us. But when we woke up the next morning (3:30am), no, it really did feel good to be back.

Here we are at Vancouver International Airport bright and early in the morning! We left Mission at 4:30 to arrive in Vancouver at 6:00. Our first 3-hour flight to Minneapolis would leave at 8:30.
On the first flight. Joyanne with Dad, and Wesley is on the other side of him.
 Happy to be on the first flight. :)
This is in Minneapolis airport. This cafe/bar had a personal Ipad at every single place setting (easily over 100) where you could order food or drinks or even buy electronics and have them brought right to your table. The kids were kept entertained during our entire 3 hour layover in this area.

This is in the airport terminal at Paris. There's a great children's play place nearby the gate where we needed to board our flight for Tana. The kids were so happy to run around for an hour, after the first 8 hour flight, before boarding the plane again for another 11 hours! Considering they basically pulled an all-nighter on that Minneapolis-Paris flight, they were pretty chipper here. :)

... waiting for our bags at Tana International airport (approximately 11:30pm local time, Sunday evening) 

Only 4 items of 12 that we checked in Vancouver were missing at the airport! Not bad. Rob and Michel went to get 3 of them which arrived early the next morning. And the last item should have arrived at the airport as I type this.

What's next? Rob returns to the hangar today (Wednesday)--Not terribly jet-lagged anymore. I am organizing school-material and putting away things we brought from Canada.

Thank you for praying for us and following us on our journey. We are certain it's only because of all the prayer support and God's grace that we have been able to make this long journey again with our family.


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