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Monday, October 28, 2013


Our homeschool was enriched with the discovery of these caterpillers yesterday in our yard. A hippotion celerio

By the end of the day I was feeling a little sorry for their new-found "pets" as the kids carried them in baskets, and rode their bikes around, with the caterpillers precariously hanging on. However, this morning, I'm not feeling as sorry for them after discovering what they inevitably turn into! Large - yucky looking moths. I have since learned, that most adults moths are not really pests, and do not even eat. They drink nectar. The real notorious agricultural pest happens to be when they are in the caterpiller stage. It's the laying of eggs, and gross amount of eating these guys do before undergoing their change to the moth stage that poses difficulties on farmers and gardens.

Despite all of that, and my (Karina) lack of love for insects and bugs, diversity around here never ceases to amaze me. From all of the different plants and yes, even the creepy-crawlies, it shows me that we serve an Almighty Creative God!