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Sunday, November 24, 2013


We are blessed with a fairly large community of fellow missionaries in Madagascar. Within this group effort has been made to form ties between families, to build a support system for each other, and to provide opportunities for friendships, for adults and children outside of the ministries each of us are involved in.

It's a tricky group. One in which you find yourself the 'newbie' and the 'oldie' all at the same time. Because furloughs happen, and new workers join all the time, there are always new people and old people coming and going. There are always new faces. Sometimes it can be difficult to keep up with the changes. But if we look past how often we meet with any particular group of the same families and individuals, and look at why each of us is present, it's really easy to make connections and bond. Not only are we all serving in a country other than where our passport is issued from, we are all servants of Christ. We are all part of the big family of believers.

We had the privilege of hosting this month's gathering, and it was so much fun to have over 50 people over in the yard and the kids playing games. Even though the rain sprinkled a little bit, it didn't dampen the fun the kids had together and the adults' fellowship with one another. We are so thankful for this community. And even though we recognize individuals come and go often, we pray that each one is blessed when they spend time together in this group, knowing we have the same Father and we're on the same mission.