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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Our Morning In Photos

Six clean stitches later, we continue to be so thankful for the mission community around us. While missionaries are here ministering to the Malagasy people, at the very same time it's a joy to be able to share in that ministry as humble recipients ourselves. Please check out our friend's blog to find out more about their ministry in Madagascar.

Thank you Friends!

Saturday, January 18, 2014


Weather in Tana has been "iffy" this past week. When I say "iffy" I mean that the rain is starting to roll in around lunchtime rather than its usual 4:00pm. And then it's raining off and on for the remainder of the day, and staying kind of overcast or cloudy! Very nostalgic of the lower mainland, Fraser Valley where we're from. However, the temperature continues to remain a comfortable 23-27 degrees!

Usually when we have weather patterns like this in the city, it means a cyclone is brewing elsewhere. Sure enough Cyclone Deliwe is traveling the Mozambique channel. This brings more cloud around us and rains at odd times (not only after 4pm and through the night).

Today, we celebrate a day off school, being Saturday, and some fun with the hose.

Please pray for MAF's operations---as cyclone season is now upon Madagascar, many people who live along the coastline in make-shift houses are bracing themselves for what's ahead. These homes get blown down and are reconstructed until they are blown down again during another storm. And this is how they live their lives. With poor to no infrastructure and without most or all conveniences known to us - including indoor plumbing and electricity. Please pray that as we transport help to these people the Gospel would continue to be proclaimed loud and clear!