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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Maintenance for Maintenance

Each February the MAF engineers from many different countries we serve in gather together and have a week of meetings and fellowship. They discuss maintenance issues they've been dealing with, troubleshoot problems, and brainstorm solutions. They talk about managing national staff, cross-cultural challenges... etc. This is a way to "maintain the maintenance".

Even though it means a week away from us (or in our case this year, almost 2 weeks) Rob looks forward to this meeting and talking "mechanics" for a week. Passion is a word that comes to my mind when I think about how Rob feels about engineering and quality maintenance. Many days are spent at his computer desk, working on paperwork and all of the legal "stuff" that comes with maintaining an aircraft--the less glamorizing side of aircraft maintenance. I can tell when he's had a day twisting wrenches, draining fuel tanks, or going over the aircraft with a fine toothed comb--- I can almost see the wheels turning inside of his head as he's thinking through fixing a problem, or what he must do to prepare for the next day. Passion.

Please pray for the MAF mechanics all over the world who are working in less than ideal circumstances, sourcing parts, sharing tools with other programs in other countries, and dealing with local aviation authorities sometimes tempting mechanics to work with less integrity than they should be. The mechanics' passion is aircraft, but beyond this, they are seeing the difference these airplanes are making within the country they serve. It's a blessing. And I am blessed to be married to a man who is loving what God has called us to do. :) Truly a privilege.  

Monday, February 24, 2014

What MAF is Doing Here

Our MAF team has been hosting a media team from the UK and Denmark this past week. They are on a project to gather pictures and stories from the field. And I can see they have already had an eye-full in the first 7 days of their stay in Madagascar. 

Please please click over to LuAnne's blog where she has shared some amazing shots of Madagascar Medical Safari which MAF helps transport the doctors and pastors for.

A little disclaimer however - there are some pretty graphic shots, as well as some detailed recounting of a few surgeries performed in the bush last week.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Cat = No Mice/Cockroaches/Rats.... I Hope.

So this is the newest member of the family. Name is still TBA. With four little people in our house, it's a bit of a challenge to agree upon a name.
Possibilities include:

Personally, a name is the least of my (Karina) concerns with this little one. I am hopeful that it will successfully scare all of the rats away, keep the mice away from me, and rescue me from cockroaches in my bathroom and elsewhere. (See how hopeful I am?)

As it is now, the rats are about twice her size, but we are trying to feed her as much as she'll take.
She was brought to us by a friend whose cat had kittens... and well, other family members wanted the litter to be gone ASAP. Therefore, we landed up with a very young kitten. It has been taking infant formula quite well out of an eye dropper a few times a day, and yesterday it began to show an interest in a slurry of formula and kitten food.
It's pretty cute watching Joyanne cart this little thing around like a baby. Also, Wesley has shown a very tender side as he gently strokes it. It has been a fun few weeks with her. :)

I didn't grow up with cats, and haven't really ever considered myself a cat person, but becoming her sole care provider (ex. the one who feeds her and cleans her) it seems she considers me her mommy now... and I am feeling somewhat.. attached.