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Monday, February 3, 2014

Cat = No Mice/Cockroaches/Rats.... I Hope.

So this is the newest member of the family. Name is still TBA. With four little people in our house, it's a bit of a challenge to agree upon a name.
Possibilities include:

Personally, a name is the least of my (Karina) concerns with this little one. I am hopeful that it will successfully scare all of the rats away, keep the mice away from me, and rescue me from cockroaches in my bathroom and elsewhere. (See how hopeful I am?)

As it is now, the rats are about twice her size, but we are trying to feed her as much as she'll take.
She was brought to us by a friend whose cat had kittens... and well, other family members wanted the litter to be gone ASAP. Therefore, we landed up with a very young kitten. It has been taking infant formula quite well out of an eye dropper a few times a day, and yesterday it began to show an interest in a slurry of formula and kitten food.
It's pretty cute watching Joyanne cart this little thing around like a baby. Also, Wesley has shown a very tender side as he gently strokes it. It has been a fun few weeks with her. :)

I didn't grow up with cats, and haven't really ever considered myself a cat person, but becoming her sole care provider (ex. the one who feeds her and cleans her) it seems she considers me her mommy now... and I am feeling somewhat.. attached.


Cheryl Smith February 5, 2014 at 12:05 PM  

Dear Barber Family, So happy you came by my blog. It was great to "meet" you all. I am so blessed by knowing that you are in the MAF, and also to know that it still continues to operate. We have been so deeply moved by the consecration and dedication of the five "Auca" martyrs and the work of Nate Saint. So thankful to know that God is continuing to spread His truth through this wonderful ministry. May He bless you richly as you labor in His vineyard, making sacrifices to share the Gospel. Come back and visit anytime!