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Monday, March 31, 2014

Our Day in Photos

7:00 am - Breakfast time, mommy making juice; and the kids waiting patiently this time (Yay!!) for breakfast to be prepared.

8:30 am - In the car going to the Lemur Park with Oma! We were a bit unsure about leaving at this time of the day, since the traffic is normally horrendous! But we were pleasantly surprised, and got through town fairly quickly.

10:00 am - Welcome to the Lemur Park

12:00 pm - Lunchtime at the park. Subs for everybody in cool wooden carved sub-shaped plates.

1:00 pm - And the traffic home.

2:30 pm - My exciting find of the day!!  Dill seeds! I've never seen them here before, so this was a must buy when I spotted a single packet of seeds at the store.

3:00 pm - Tea time! It was kind of misting rain most of the day. Cyclone Helen is brewing on the west coast in the Mozambique Channel right now, so this generally brings clouds and rain and sometimes wind into our capital city.

Unfortunately Faith accidentally threw her brand new Frisbee into the neighboring lake at our house.
Happy to have the Frisbee rescued by helpful gardeners!

Playing and Painting

5:00 pm - I decided to unpack our Grade 3 curriculum and let the kids look through the new books (always a hit in our house) while I prepared dinner.

7:00 pm - Pre-lights-out quiet play and reading time.