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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Off to Church We Go

Driving to church and following friends. It's not just in Canada, in the small towns where we grew up that we saw our friends heading to church too.

 "Quincillerie," (Kin-KILL-er-ey). Still open on Sundays, just in case you may need some random item you would zip down to your local Home Depot or Rona for. Suprisingly, even though these stands may not have regular stock, they usually have the random things we've tried to track down in this city. Plumbing parts, bolts, screws, ropes.. etc.

 Busy bus stations.

 Family buying produce at a roadside vendor.

People filling their water jugs at the local tap where they pay per bucketful. Many, if not most, local Malagasy homes do not have indoor plumbing, so they buy and haul all of the water they will need for the day.

Muffin and donut vendors are seen along the road.

 One of the larger pharmacies on our side of Antananarivo.

 "Ratatouille." A great bread shop that we often buy baguettes from after church. As a kid I remember often stopping at "Buns Masters" in Nanaimo for buns on Sunday after church. Maybe my kids will remember Ratatouille as our after church errand.

 Police check right before church. "Kids, are you buckled up!?"

The road to church. These are the walls surrounding Turkey's embassy on the left. And then just past the embassy is the entrance to Vision Valley School where Tana City Church is held.