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Friday, June 20, 2014

Bunny Problems

If you're wondering where the bunny is.......

We woke up the morning after Rob made it a nice little house for some protection against the wind and there was no bunny to be found. Only a hole broken through the wire in the bottom, and large dog foot prints around the outside of the cage. Our guess is it ran to the opposite corner of its cage away from the dog's paw, and then after the dog became bored and ran away, hopped out of the hole and disappeared someplace. This is our theory anyways after not finding any trace of it anywhere around our compound. Where did the dog come from? Any number of places... there are plenty of strays that roam the streets and slip under the huge gap under our compound's gate during the night.

Will we get another bunny? After Rob 'beefs' up the cage a bit more and makes it dog-proof we will likely get another one. :)