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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

School's Out! - for the Winter :)

After a full year of Grade 2 (Faith) and Kindergarten (Wesley), we are finished for the winter school break. I have to force myself to call it winter-break though, as I still catch myself saying "Summer break." It actually makes a lot of sense to have winter off here in Madagascar. Our home, being concrete, stays quite cool on winter days. Winter here is nothing like winter in the Vancouver area. It's not rainy, or drizzly.. however it has been "misting" these last couple of days. Strange. Generally though, we work through two seasons. The wet season, and the dry season. Winter falls during the dry season.Very unlike Vancouver! We go outside in the sun to warm up, because our house is cold. So, unless we wanted to move our entire school area outside, which is definitely a possibility, it's better to just have school break, to avoid shivering away at the kitchen table trying to get math or language arts done. :) However, snuggling under blankets and reading out loud hasn't been a problem.

Even though we will likely keep certain routine activities like reading out loud, and phonics practice, we are on an official break now for the next few weeks. I wanted to commemorate finishing the school year with a special "party". I asked the children how they would like to celebrate, and everyone agreed that roasting marshmallows and having hotdogs would be great! So that's what we did.

Emerging Grade 1 student - even missing teeth! Sorry for Joyanne on this party evening. She was feeling "under the weather."  :( 

Happy school break to all!