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Monday, September 29, 2014

Laundry vs. Crocodile---When Help is Declined.

Recently MAF was called to help bring an individual to the city for surgery. This man was unfortunate enough to receive a crocodile bite on his arm, and now requires immediate medical attention due to limited resources in the bush, and his injury becoming gangrenous--now a possible life-threatening situation.

Crocodiles are a very real threat to the locals who live out in the country.

Laundry--a very normal activity of daily life in the bush is done in local rivers and bodies of water. Murky, dirty waters, are perfect hiding spots for crocodiles. These crocodiles pose a real threat to people going about normal daily activities such as laundry. This is exactly how this man, whom MAF was called about, received his crocodile bite. Doing laundry.

This is the even sadder part of the story. Due to the amount of spirit worship, and tribal beliefs on the island, there's a huge amount of bondage to superstitions and what-not. We have been told by others that it's not uncommon for people to feel as though they must save or hang on to amputated appendages for their afterlife.. one of my friends has had a first-hand experience viewing a saved hand or foot of an unfortunate person.

The man who suffered this trauma from the crocodile to his arm was too afraid for various reasons to come to the city where he could have received help. After counsel and explanations of the help available, he still declined. MAF did not do the flight. The man was not brought to Tana.

Situations where help is refused do occur. And it's a reminder for us to continually pray for the Holy Spirit to enlighten hearts, and for their souls to be saved; that many people would be released from the bondage of superstitions, and they would find freedom in Jesus alone.