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Monday, September 15, 2014

Two Short Weeks in Canada!

At the end of August, Faith and I (Karina) had the privilege of traveling to Canada for my brother's wedding. We are so thankful that we were able to make the trip. It was short, but so worth it! Faith briefly reconnected with her close friends and cousins during our trip, and spent quality time with Oma and Grandparents on Vancouver Island. Summer even decided to stick around for us, which was a bonus!

Flying from Tana to Paris (10.5 hours), we left 4 hours after the scheduled flight time, so we were thankful to know a hotel room was waiting for us at Paris airport.
 Plane food..... enough said.
 Faith and I enjoyed a free hotel room and dinner and breakfast on Air France because of a delay with our flights, causing us to miss our connection.
 On the train shuttle in Charles de Gaulle airport (Paris).
 I was so thankful for a short sleep in Paris. This made the 30+ hour trip much more doable, and I think lessened our jet-lag on the other end. Here we are waiting for our next 10.5hour flight to Seattle.
Drinking fountains - excitement for any MK I think.
 So happy to be on the plane! (Again)  :)
One of our first errands of business while we were in Canada - renew mom's library card, and enjoy the library!

We attended my brother's wedding near the end of our stay in Canada, and it was such a beautiful wedding. Congratulations Ricky and Krista! We are looking forward to seeing you again next summer!!


Cheryl September 16, 2014 at 11:41 PM  

So thankful for your safe travels! Thank you for sharing the pictures and details of your trip...I always enjoy your posts. :) God bless you and your sweet family.