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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Few and Far Between

Just in case we were suffering from homesickness, we are experiencing our own days of gray, dreary, and drizzly weather. (By the way, I do miss the lower mainland often. Just not the rainy part of being there.)

I know.. you might be thinking, Wow, don't the Barbers see sun like... 360 days a year? 

Yeah. Pretty much. So, when we get an unexpected week of solid rain, we're a little caught off guard. And we're almost not sure what to do with ourselves.

We have baked some, read more, and played lots of Lego, and watched more videos.
I even got to wear jeans for the first time in months!  :) haha

I have to say today, my kids were most annoyed at me breaking out in song:

The sun will come out
Bet your bottom dollar that Tomorrow
There'll be sun!

But it helped cheer me up a bit...

Even Hunter is feeling a little melancholy. No walks.... lazing around indoors suits him better than being alone on the deck watching the drizzle.