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Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Flood Around Us

We are enjoying another great visit from Rob's mom this month. We have stayed pretty close to home, however, due to a devastating rainy season during the month of January and February. The rains are predicted to run right through to the end of March. Because the roads have been worse-than-normal with huge potholes, threatening us to use our 4x4, the traffic has been horrendous as well. We have limited our trips to town, only because it takes that much more energy to maneuver through the potholes and slow traffic line ups.

Maria has been accompanying me on our normal shopping trips and few outings we are doing. She was able to capture these photos of the flooding along a main dyke here in the city. Many people live along this dyke which borders the rice fields.

Over 30,000 displaced persons around our city, and at least 14 reported flood-related deaths. The people should be preparing to plant their next rice crop right now, however because of the flooding, they cannot. Rice is their main source of food, and most local people rely on farming here. We suspect the next 6 months are going to be even harder for the people here in the highlands of Madagascar.

Tents all along what's left of the high ground next to rice fields.

 The Red Cross tents

 Flooded homes in the middle of rice fields

 Recently constructed tent city that we drove by.

 Children playing near what's left of their homes, or nearby their parents working

 One of many community water stations. Most people haul water back to their homes each day, because they don't have plumbing at home.

 Dodging potholes, near the entrance to our church.

 Never-ending maintenance on extremely old vehicles

 Babies carrying babies

A familiar sight--streets packed with people, scooters, buses etc...