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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Happenings Around Our Place

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The garden is bursting with new blooms, and I always love taking photos of how it changes as things grow. These are new this year. The plants under the litchi tree have always struggled to thrive. But one of the neighbors had these Agapanthus planted, and they are doing really well! And so pretty to see some color in that shady place.

Also new to the public yard, are these fruit trees of my neighbor. She is thrilled to see so many apple blossoms and tiny fruits coming!

Faith found a really large grasshopper at the pool this week. The kids thought it was a locust at first!

My girls' hair - growing soooo long!


I had to capture this funny one of the kids - just playing a game they love, being on an airplane, if you can believe it. For some reason they are fascinated with packing suitcases and sitting in cramped spaces. They are even pretending to be somewhat entertained by a half-decent tv system.  ;) LOL