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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Medical Mission Run

One of the regular flights MAF has the privilege to do is an MMR in a very remote area called Marolambo. MMR stands for Medical Mission Run. As you might imagine, this flight transports medical professionals to these areas, but it also allows others who need to get to this area to join an already scheduled flight.

Marolambo is an isolated village with a population of around 26,000 (as of 2005), and located southeast of Antananarivo, approximately 120km away as the crow flies. It can easily take up to 2 days by car to get to. During the rainy season, double that, or perhaps don't bother trying at all. Whereas in the plane, you can be brought back to the capital city in a mere 40 minutes. Potentially life-saving. Back in 2007, MAF decided to pave the runway there to make it safer to land during the rainy season. As well, due to the extremely short airstrip (450m) having it paved made it possible to increase the weight/passengers we can transport.

This village happens to be a sort of hub in the local area. There is actually a school there and a market.

Recently, MAF has been able to distribute calendars containing Bible verses in the Malagasy language. As well, dear relationships between some villagers and MAFers can be built as we continuously fly into this isolated region on a regular basis.

Flying into Marolambo from Rob Barber on Vimeo.