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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Return to the Croc Farm

Nearby our house is the Croc Farm. Even though its main purpose is to raise crocodiles---they really are lazy and boring creatures to observe. Our family likes going and feeding the lemurs there instead. It had been a couple of years since we went, and Calvin specifically asked on his 5th birthday in May if we could go again. He didn't really remember it too well from the last time, so for him it was all new and exciting. (And the other kids really enjoyed it also.)

These boys  :) Pure thrill waiting and watching for the lemurs to snatch another piece of banana out of their hands.

This is the Sifaka lemur, which there are subspecies of also. There are 101 species and subspecies of lemurs in Madagascar.

An owl in one of the cages at the Croc Farm.

These girls are getting so big!

This one is almost getting too big for Dad to pick up!