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Friday, July 29, 2016

Constructing for MAF at Home with Beloved Tools

This past week Rob has been working on a wooden crate to pack up the propellor to send away for overhaul. This meant pulling out his saw and using his nail gun. Reminiscent noises and smells of years past when we were renovating our home in Canada.

Each piece delicately packaged in foam

Logo and shipping instructions painted on

Disassembling this propeller is more than unscrewing bolts and sticking it in the wooden crate. Because of the training Rob received in Germany back in 2012, he is legally allowed to take the prop apart and ship it in pieces via this smaller rectangular box. The alternative option would be to take the propeller off of the aircraft and ship it in a giant triangular box, increasing the shipping cost significantly. The training has more than paid for itself with the savings MAF has seen in being able to ship it in pieces like this. It will be on its way to MT Propellers in Germany shortly now!