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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Relaxing Sunday Afternoon

With the temperatures warming up, and the cool breeze dying down, we are returning to our favorite spot---our deck surrounded by lots of lush greenery and flowers! We can smell the jasmine blooming across our back security wall as we lounge on the deck.

We do not take these moments of quiet for granted. The day to day of our lives in Madagascar presents itself with many surprises, inconveniences, even disappointments. Simple things that sound trivial, like water cuts, power-outages, the grocery store being out of any number of products, bank line-ups, traffic where I don't get out of first gear... these things mount up with others that become one big blaring annoyance.

Rob and I sometimes hear ourselves wishing for big box stores like Costco, Home Depot, and even Superstore and Walmart. Or at least 2-day shipping from Amazon. To drive down the road and see nicely manicured city space.... to drive down any road with lines and traffic that actually "goes".  :)

ok....  so we capture photos like this and focus on the wonderful slow-paced moments life does give us from time to time.