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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Delivering Vaccine

When you live in an isolated village with little to no healthcare, you're at the mercy of your own medicinal concoctions, the local witch doctor, or ministries like MAF who can deliver doctors and vaccines to you.

Caravan packed to ceiling with boxes of vaccines

Open landscape as far as the eye can see, without any real roads connecting spatterings of mud-brick villages.

Airport terminal at the first village, "D'Antsalova"

The hangar in Maintirano where our good friend/fellow missionary keeps his aircraft.

Bird's-eye view of the coastal village of Maintirano.

Besalampy (3rd vaccine drop-off point)

It's always a privilege and memorable time when either Rob or I have the opportunity to go along on flights. From the city where we live it's difficult to imagine the isolation literally millions of people are living in.

When we travel by air and see the villages, and then arrive and witness the primitiveness of peoples' lives here, we are reminded once again of the need for the aircraft in such countries as Madagascar, as well as the need for more workers to help carry the gospel to the ends of the earth!