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Saturday, November 26, 2016

To The Bush With Helimission

Flying in the helicopter is an amazing experience

The first stop after take-off from Ivato Aeroport was the other side of Tana (our city) to pick up a Mercy Ships patient who had been recovering at one of our church member's houses.

Children from the remote village arriving to check out the helicopter.

The walk from where we landed to the village. All of the children turned up to see the helicopter. Most of the parents and adults were working in rice patties or up in the hills.

Tonga Soa is "welcome" in Malagasy


This village has turned away from ancestral worship and embraced the One True God of the Bible. This monument is their official way of signifying the change. 

The young lady in the yellow dress had been away on Mercy Ships receiving an important surgery. This is her along with the church members from Tana. They are addressing the village.

It's customary for everyone to give speeches when you visit villages

The young lady with her family. Her mother is the one in the red jacket and green skirt. Upon Rob's arrival at this village, she was stuck waist-deep in a hole while trying to dig for gold. Rob, along with Chris (the pilot from Helimission, and dear friend of ours) assessed her wounds and helped her as best as they could.

As amazing as it is serving with a ministry like MAF where we can help people get from A to B safely and quickly, it is was equally amazing to travel with Helimission into a village with absolutely zero contact with the outside world. These guys didn't even know when we were arriving. There's no airstrip, no traffic control tower, nothing. The helicopter can land in any open landscape, and that's just what they do. They go where MAF can't.