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Friday, January 20, 2017

Third Airplane Did Arrive

Wow, so in the excitement and busyness of December--a ton of maintenance, and Christmas, then New Years, getting back into school, and just life in general, I realized after our friends Nick & Jocelyn Frey updated their blog with some of Nick's adventures over the past months, (including him flying the 182 to Madagascar) we forgot to actually update you about the third aircraft arriving! How anti-climactic of us.

The above photo was taken the morning Nick arrived with the 182 to Tana. It was definitely an adventure of a trip. We really enjoyed being able to spend a short time with him. It was Nick & Jocelyn who settled us into our apartment in Quebec City back in 2011. So that was really neat to see him again. Missed seeing Jocelyn this time around.

Rob has big plans for this aircraft and we're excited to see it utilized in the coming years.

In other news: You can please pray for the island of Madagascar. We should be experiencing normal seasonal downpours by now. It is so dry here that reservoirs that supply our city with water are running low to dry, crops are having to be harvested early, and the people who rely on their own agriculture are probably facing a tough year ahead.