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Friday, May 19, 2017

Week 2 in Canada

We shared at Nanaimo Alliance Church this past Sunday, and it was such an encouraging time for us. Thank you, Nanaimo Alliance, for being so welcoming.

A few photos of the past 10 days in Canada

A group shot of us taking off from Madagascar. The kids look pretty alert for 3:00 am.  :) The first of four plane rides ahead of us at this point.

Everything went very smoothly, as far as this kind of long air travel can go. The kids were so well-behaved, hardly needed our help at all, and finally fell asleep from Montreal to Vancouver.
And at our parents' house, this is what jet lag looks like. Calvin couldn't keep his eyes open any longer around dinner time. Karina's grandparents visited with us that first day in Nanaimo. It was so nice to have them around, helping us stay awake until bedtime, but the kids fell asleep one by one and we helped them into their beds.....

We celebrated Calvin's 6th birthday last week with grandparents and aunts and uncles. This was his very first birthday in Canada---a very big deal for him! It was a fun evening, roasting hot dogs and marshmallows and being with family.

The kids had quite a bit of their own money saved up over the year. So one of our first stops was Toys R Us where they picked out Lego sets they had researched on the internet long before we arrived in Canada.

And the of course a big novelty for our kids are North American playgrounds! 

We saw this little guy at a garden supply store. So cute!

When the sun came out, Rob got outside at his mom's place with some spring cleaning outside.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Flights to Mandritsara & Mananara

Rob and Joyanne and Wesley had the privilege to go along on an MMR to Mandritsara and Mananara. They were back in Tana for lunch after visiting both villages! A trip completely impossible to do in that amount of time without the airplane. When I looked on google maps to see the route via road and ferry to reach this northeastern village, Google Maps estimated a 17 hour vehicle journey and 742km. You might be interested in watching World`s Most Dangerous Roads Madagascar to really see what a road trip to Mananara really looks like.