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Friday, June 30, 2017

Meeting On Another Continent

Even though relationships overseas tend to remain as one of the difficulties a missionary faces... God has remained faithful in providing those special families and individuals at just the right time.

This one family in particular has been a huge source of encouragement to our family. As our journey with MAF was just beginning, and we were still raising support in the lower mainland, we had the chance to meet this lovely Swiss family on their way to the field with Helimission. From a mutual contact through church, we found out they were also bound for Madagascar! They were living in Canada temporarily to build flight hours and develop technology before heading off to Bible school and back to Switzerland to finish preparations to move to Madagascar.

So we had a chance to meet up a couple of times before moving abroad in 2012. They moved to Tana in 2013 and live just a few minutes away from our house.

We have walked the path of transition to overseas life together, walked through home assignments together, and been able to be a "sounding-board" of sorts for one another. Sybille has been a huge source of encouragement to me. A beautiful Christian sister, indeed.  :)

Because of their stay in Canada from 2009-2011, they have dear friends to reconnect with here as well as in Switzerland, making a very full furlough.

We were so excited to get the chance to make some real "Canadian" memories together on the ice this time!

As we look to continue serving together in Madagascar with Helimission and this great family, we are also sobered by the fact that God can take families in other directions, to other countries. While that isn't the case for either of us yet, I trust that God's timing is perfect, and His plans for each of us are good and only for the purpose of glorifying Himself.

Friday, June 16, 2017

6 Weeks In

Our schedule has been fairly full over the past few weeks. We have shared at Nanaimo Alliance Church, Mission Bible Fellowship, Nanoose Evangelical Free, and tomorrow we will be at Departure Bay Baptist

We've had the chance to visit many people in a couple of small-group settings and an open house on the island. And I was at  Camp Imadene at an Alliance Women's Ladies Retreat sharing about life in Madagascar.

A few photos from our last month in Canada:

Strawberries! We certainly don't enjoy such large and sweet strawberries like these in Madagascar. 

We are doing a few school items a couple days a week, just to keep our brains working. 

Back at the ferry terminal heading to Nanaimo. The breeze is still cool. This last trip we took the Swartz Bay route as we had a pre-camp meeting to attend in Shawnigan Lake as we made our way up island to Nanaimo. This sailing is very pretty as you go in between all the different islands. So nice! 

 Rob and Wesley went hunting with my brothers up-island. Yes, that's a bear.

 Down at the beach looking at see anemones and different shells and rocks.

 One thing about coming to Canada in May this year is that we've been able to see some springtime plants that haven't seen in years.
I love taking pictures of the flowers in bloom at this time of year.