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About Us - The Barber Family

Rob and Karina both grew up on the south west coast of British Columbia. Both were home-schooled.

Rob is the middle of 3 children. He enjoys hunting, camping, being outside in general. As well, Rob loves projects and a challenge. He is willing to try and build just about anything. Some of the projects he has successfully completed around his house: digging and installing a new septic system, lifting his house 3 feet, re-landscaping, not to mention re-designing and re-modeling his entire house.

Karina is the eldest of 6 children. She enjoys music, cooking and looking for new recipes, baking anything chocolaty, knitting and crocheting, reading and writing, and photography.

The Kids:

Faith - turned 6 years old in April and has started Grade 1 homeschooling. This year she has spent time horseback riding at a local equestrian center! Faith loves books and loves to colour, yet finds lots of time to romp around outside and climb trees!

Wesley - is 4 years old. He is often making his parents laugh, as well as causing most of the noise in the household. His loud voice is surprising visitors as he is very quiet-natured in public. Wesley spends lots of time building Lego and loves cars and trucks.

Joyanne - is 3 years old. She is our bookworm. While the other kids are outside burning off steam, she takes advantage of the quiet in the house and can look at books a long time by herself. When she isn't quietly "reading" books, she is also running around with the others! She loves her babies and is often found cuddling one in a tea towel.
Calvin - is 1 years old and is now running around with the rest. He loves playing outside in the sand. When he's not on the go, he likes a good long cuddle.