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MAF in Madagascar, Africa

Responding to the requests from missionaries in Madagascar, the first MAF survey was conducted in 1975. It identified a great need for MAF services but the political climate made it impossible to respond at that time. However, following an easing of the political climate, a second survey was conducted in July 1985 at the request of a mission who envisioned using MAF to assist the medical work of the Lutheran church.

The government gave permission for a flight operation in the summer of 1988 and the first pilot arrived in August of that year.
Over the last 20 years, MAF Madagascar built around 10 airstrips in strategic locations to reach remote communities. Overall, more than 90 airstrips are flown to on the island.

MAF Madagascar is located at the main airport in the capital Antananarivo. We fly a significant number of charters for missions organizations and operate a shuttle service called Madagascar Mission Run to serve many Christian missionaries and churches in remote areas as well.
MAF also serves the need of Madagascar Medical Safari, a project that was started several years ago through which different medical teams are flown into some of the most geographically isolated areas to help the people who are in the most need of medical help.

In addition to providing aviation services, a workshop is run to maintain equipment and vehicles. Through this shop we can reliably maintain the needs of other organizations. This is a growing ministry because, with the very poor road conditions, our partners rely on their vehicles heavily in order to be efficient in their ministry.

Madagascar MAF has served these and more:

  • Christian in Action
  • Gideons
  • Christian Blind Mission
  • Helimission
  • Christian Leaders Training College
  • Madagascar Medical Safaris
  • Hover Aid
  • Ampasinambo (Airstrip Development)
  • Medical Evacuations

Be sure to check out the official MAF Madagascar website for more information about their unique ministry on this island!

What Is Madagascar Really Like?

Despite the beauty and uniqueness of Madagascar, this island is populated with about 20 million people, half of which are under the age of 15! Most of these people live in the villages and only about 30% have access to clean drinking water and proper toilet facilities. Because of the island's location it is usually struck by tropical storms and cyclones which can destroy up to 80% of their road systems in one storm! Without the aircraft this would leave villages and missionaries working in them cut off from supplies and medical help!

The aircraft is an essential tool in Madagascar: through it we can bring hope and necessary resources to many isolated communities beyond the reach of traditional means of transport and in emergency situations.